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26th March 2012

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Bugs Served in a Package

Hip Enough to be in Whole Foods

Bugs have a serious public image problem in the west.  For some reason people here don’t like to eat them. Why not? They’re high in nutrients and are one of the best protein sources available. Oh I know why! They’re are friggin creepy and gross. Honestly though, how much different is cricket from a lobster?

Here’s a brilliant concept in how branding can really shape something with serious public image problem, Ento. Four students in the Innovation Design Engineering Masters program at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London decided to follow three simple concepts futuristic, natural, and friendly.  The fresh result is minimalistic and familiar. The whole aesthetic from the shape of the food to the name feels Japanese. Even the name is a clever play on the word Bento.  “En” - Entomology, the study of insects and “to” - From Bento, a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal. If this concept of packaging and food branding flies, no pun intended, it could be  a revolutionary step in both solving food shortages and environmental problems caused by the meat industry. 

As long as they are forth coming with what they are serving they should avoid a Soylent Green situation.

But, wondered Snake, how does it taste?

I would like to completely ignore the point and explain that this is why /I don’t eat lobster/.

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